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Top TV Channels and Add Ons

So Kodi is an Open Source Cloud Media and Access System (CMAS) or application that allows you to access (in an organized - neat and cool way) other cloud and local content. This meaning that you can access any information that is on your hard drive, your memory card, your network, or anything that your MAD (Media Access Device) is connected to. Remember that this leaves you with unlimited potential to use all your content and any other content out there be it local or on the cloud. Also remember when you do this it leaves your privacy and security a little more vulnerable and a good idea to consider a VPN like the one here.

The real fun comes when you realize the full potential of you newly found information, be it on your own device or the one that works like another access device, the fire TV stick for example is a great way to see and view.

So this is where TV addons become a real topic of interest. TV Addons are another source of application or APK that will allow you to pull content from anywhere on the internet, Web local drive or "in the cloud". There are thousands of programs that you can find like streaming stations now called IpTV (also known as Internet Protocol Television) that stream from all kinds of great sources like Netflix, Hulu, Sling TV but what TV addons do is even more interesting. They are great source application that organize all your favorite shows in one neat and easy to access way, and in many places the content is completely free legal access.

Try places like Exedous for great movies and syndicated shows, 1Channel or Cloud TV for real time live television that is streaming through the online source. It is all in one place at-all-times and you can always get to your favorite show like NBC CBS ESPN and other stations that broadcast their show and information over the web and the cloud.

So what's so great about this. At Bluestream we believe in providing you with all the best latest information in the industry that will help you not only understand the technology, but how to access it and how to protect yourself from outside sources, avoid cloudy interruptions and other providers that might want to target you for ads as they do on the internet and on cable TV.

These programs have been so well thought out and designed you can trust that you are getting good safe content when you use the programs in the way that they are intended with the great recommendations that we constantly update and bring back to you. See some of our current line up now at Bleustream.

Keep in mind that we are constantly updating these and will always make the best selections so you know you are getting through to the best content all the time like other source providers such as Mobdro and Pluto which is another content provider that Bleustream sees as a great source provider and has more information under that station name.

Keep coming back to Bleustream for more opportunity to see what is going on in the industry and get the access in the best supported ways - always. Serve and protect. We are here to serve not to be served. We can all relate and like our service served and not served to - keep looking in and out and watch for the developments here at bleustream.


One of the most, if not the most popular add-on on Kodi is Exodus. It works extremely well, and it's loaded with movies, and TV shows. It is the evolution of the popular Genesis add-on with updated code by the creator Lambda.


All fans of sports movies and popular TV shows love Phoenix, because it gives them what they want and has a great quality. It also features live channels from different countries that you can watch instantly.

BOB Unrestricted

BOB plays a wide range of TV shows, movies, music and sports allowing you to stream with one-click without searching. Funny messages appear while waiting for the stream to start. There is a option to set the messages to possibly offensive in settings.


Specto Fork is a project started to update the code from Genesis. Since the code is based on Genesis it has the same user interface with TV shows and movies. Specto has a favorites folder which allows to quickly save and find your favorite programs.


SportsDevil as its name suggest is mainly for sports but also has a wide variety of other channels. Its best feature is many of the streams play live streams from the Cartoon Network to Fox News. The live streams are a bit of a hit or miss if they work depending on how many others are trying to stream at the same time.

UK Turks

UK Turk's is a nice add-on with the a unique layout for categories such as live TV, TV shows, sports, movies, cartoons, and documentaries. It also has a one-click-to play, so no need to search through a sever list for a good feed.


SALTS (Stream All The Sources) is a interesting add-on as it is trying to solve the problem of unreliable sources. It has an option for using paid services called Real Debrid Accounts that are supposed to help stream better video sources. There is a free option in SALTS so the paid services are not required.

Prime Wire

1Channel has been around awhile and is still going strong. It is a good companion to Exodus and both can play the same content. 1Channel has a straight to the point interface with less show or movie information. It is still one of the best add-ons to have.

Silent Hunter

Silent Hunter is a new add-on that has a lot of content including new releases, 4K, stand up, genre and more. It plays movies with one click so no having to go through a server list.

Alluc ee

Alluc is the leading user created share page and organized channels to tv, movies, music, video, sports, cartoons and even japanese anime. Alluc cloud channel station or program does not host any content and does not have any downloadable links but allow links to streaming video and sharing websites. All end users provide a link to a category that is set free to alluc after going though quality control. Places where the station content can be found are found at YouTube Dailymotion, Veoh and multiple others all around the world. it is a link schare and not a content provider and can be found legitamately any where on the web.

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